i know im not really active on here anymore but if any of u message me happy birthday on may 31st itll definitely make my day ok

unclefather replied to your post: i think i was also a lot more social a…

i miss u

every time i message u on skype u dont reply !!!!

theanti90smovement replied to your post: i think i was also a lot more social a…

i was thinking about ur blog last night for some reason

really?? last night i had a dream i got drunk in front of oprah and really embarrassed myself and i know that has nothing to do with what you just said but i just wanted to share

i think i was also a lot more social and friendly on here back in the day tho whereas now i hardly make an effort so thats something thats sad

i always wanna get more social on here again but i dont know how to lol my friendmaking skills have been depleted from never being in social situations ever

for anybody that has been following me since i was 15 it must be really weird bc im a very different person than i was when i first started blogging like

i was the most sensitive lil thing when i started my blog and always had drama surrounding me and i thrived on attention and now ive mellowed out a lot and i never start fights with people its weird

What kind of foods did you eat while avoiding sugar and carbs? I need ideas.

broccoli, spinach, chicken, steak, lettuce, celery w/ peanut butter, drank lots and lots of water, frozen green beans, just basically any green vegetables and meat. ive put butter, sour cream, salsa and stuff like that on things that i eat. uhhhh. idk i eat pretty plain stuff

i allow myself between like 50-60 net carbs a day so sometimes i add a little sauce or seasoning to whatever im eating and i found some 5 carb tortillas at the grocery store so sometimes ill make burritos

kelaenobaby replied to your post: can u believe in like 37 days ill be 18

ive been following you since you were 15!

thats so crazy omg

can u believe in like 37 days ill be 18

How did you lose so much weight??? Congratulations!!!!!!

avoiding sugar and carbs like theyre the devil

on the bright side ive lost like 10 pounds this month

hachikuji replied to your post: its weird how tumblr is callin out all…

it’s not a secret which is why I’m confused as to why I’m getting attacked for it omg

u shouldnt be getting attacked !!! man people are stupid im sorry. i wouldve said something about a few of these guys a long time ago but i thought everybody liked them so much that itd cause too much problems u feel me. there are still a couple popular tumblr guys that im waiting for to get dragged tbh but i dont know if they will :/

its weird how tumblr is callin out all these guys at once like i was there firsthand in 2012 i saw it all i didnt know it was a secret


hi can everyone just take a few seconds of time to report this facebook page? they are screencapping posts in popular tags such as #transgender and posting them to their page - leaving the urls uncensored, mind you - to be attacked and publicly humiliated. multiple friends and i have reported this page to no avail; facebook won’t read our reports.


we have strength in numbers though. i believe that if hundreds of us are all reporting this, someone’s gonna actually give this page more than a cursory glance.

also i’d strongly advise that if you or anyone you know is posting related content about themselves in these popular tags please stay safe and don’t post there anymore, you could be attacked at any time.

also, i know because i am posting in some of these said buzzword tags, i’ll probably be targeted too, so hi tumblristas! have fun in my inbox!!!

under the cut: just a few receipts of the awful shit they post and some comments by the people these posts are exposed to. heavy trigger warning for transphobia, misogyny, hate speech and much more:

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all of your popular text posts are just lies you've told, such as: pretending your friend died (so fucked up btw), pretending you sent someone song lyrics, pretending you had a drug called 'pax,' etc. so basically, what i've gathered from reading your blog is that you were/are a pathological liar?

no im pretty sure everybody has stupid stories from when they were younger i wasnt very mature back then and id rather laugh at the things i said and did than mope around about them u feel me

it doesnt make me a “pathological liar” omfg

k, shut up dude. ur like, twelve.
Kennedy’s concluding statement in the first Kennedy-Nixon debate of 1960 which won the debate and inevitably helped him win the election. (via theyellowbrickroad)